High Speed Horizontal Machining Center

A Machining Center Designed Specifically for Small Parts

To prevent the column from thermal deformation due to temperature growth and affection on the cutting accuracy due to the structural rigidity, the column is designed with a symmetrical and double-wall structure.

The base is rib reinforced for effective vibration dampening during machining, resulting in superior stability of cutting.

The spindle is a short nose design to exhibit exceptional rigidity. The spindle head is designed by Finite Element Analysis to achieve an optimal structure with increased length of locking surface, making it possible for deep hole machining.

Chips fall down by self-weight into the chip augers at both sides of the base, then chips are delivered to the screw type chip conveyor in the coolant tank. This design efficiently remove chips and heat out of the machine, hence ensuring machining accuracy at all times.

A Machining Center Designed Specifically for Small Parts

Tool Changer

Fast, simple, dependable and long-life tool changer offers stability and dependability in tool changing.

Specially designed aluminum alloy tool pocket. Advanced cam type drive mechanism. Random tool selection. Unigue top-quality devices.

Magazine loading capacity: 24 tools

Maximum tool diameter: 125mm (without adjacent tool).

Maximum tool length: 300mm

The Magazine also features spared tool function.

Coolant Jets Around Spindle

Coolant Jets Around Spindle

The coolant jets around spindle device employs 4 coolant nozzles around the spindle, that provides the best cooling effect to the tool and the workpiece resulting in better machining quality.

Rotary Table (B-axis)

Rotary Table (B-axis)

The rotary table is driven by a servo system.

Employ the three-piece clutch (±5" accuracy) to ensure positioning accuracy.

High-Speed Voiceless Ball Screw

High-Speed Voiceless Ball Screw

Low-noise: The design of return unit can absorbs the voice which comes from steels balls’ impact, then greatly reduce the noise.

High acceleration/deceleration velocity: the special route unit and strength design can reduce the impact force from steel balls’. Therefore, it can sustain the operating environment of high Dm-N value and high acceleration/deceleration velocities.

Linear Motion Guide

Roller Type Linear Motion Guide

Roller type linear ways on all three axes provide better dynamic rating load compared with its class of roller type linear way. This feature not only ensures the entire machine accuracy, but also provides the highest rigidity as well as outstanding cutting performance.

The linear motion guide features minimum wear and extra long lifespan.

Especially ideal for high speed movement and dramatically reduce the power requirement of machine.




Control unit



X‭-‬axis travel

600 mm

Y‭-‬axis travel

500 mm

Z‭-‬axis travel

500 mm

Spindle center to table face

0~500 mm

Spindle nose to table center

100~600 mm

B Axis Table

Table size

400 x 400 mm

Number of table

Single pallet

Table loading capacity

350 kgf

Table screw

M12 x 1.75P

Table indexing angle

1˚( Option 0.001˚ and 5˚)

Servo motor

1 kW

Height from table surface to ground

1040 mm

Max. rotation diameter of work piece

ø500 mm

Max. work piece height

500 mm


Spindle R.P.M.

12,000 rpm

Spindle transmission

Direct Drive

Spindle motor

7.5 kw


Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z axis)

48,000 mm/min

Cutting feed rate (X/Y/Z axis)

1~10,000 mm/min


Tool selection method


Tool magazine capacity

24T (Opt.:30T)

Max. tool length

300 mm

Max. tool weight

7 kg

Max. tool diameter (without adjacent tool)

125 mm

ATC changing time

2.8 sec. (50Hz)


Air pressure

6 kg/cm²

Power requirement

25 KVA

Machine weight

4,500 kg

Machine height

2,560 mm

Floor space(LxW)

1,860 x 2,540 mm

•‭ ‬Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice‭.‬

Standare Accessories:

  • Spindle R.P.M‭.‬: 12000 rpm
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • ATC: BT40, 24T
  • Spindle motor:7.5/11kW
  • Roller type linear guide way
  • Auger type chip conveyor
  • Full enclosure guard
  • Air gun
  • Coolant gun
  • Work light
  • Electric heat exchanger
  • Leveling bolts and pads
  • Rigid tapping
  • M30 auto power off function
  • Option Accessories:

  • Spindle R.P.M‭.‬:BT40, 10,000 / 1,5000 rpm
  • ATC: 30 tools
  • Coolant through spindle (15 bar or 20 bar)
  • Chain type chip conveyor
  • Oil Separator
  • Auto tool length measurement
  • Work-piece measurement
  • Regulator
  • Transformer
  • CE standard
  • Laser inspection

    Dynamic roundness inspection