Innovative Research And Development

Research and development are the keys factor that keep MACO competitive. MACO has set up a technical R&D center, consisting of design experts who are experienced in various sectors. They are dedicated to the development of vertical & horizontal and double column machining centers. MACO is the only manufacturer in the industry that can integrate the machining parts & ATC & complete machines machining center and the tool magazine.

Finite Element Analysis(FEA) provides the machine simulate stress / strain to achieve the higher structural strength and the optimum rib design.
This will ensure best rigidity of the machine.

Manufacturing Department

MACO manufacturing department implements product manufacturing, in-house R&D / assembling and performs process control and improvement management according to ISO-9001 quality standards.

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing execution of various types of manufacturing, R & D factory / assembly and perform quality control ISO-9001 specification process and improve management.

Production process - process inspection

Assembly line

After R & D double check, all components are made inside the factory with advanced CNC machining facility. With strict quality control, the experienced technician on assembly line is easily assemble the ATC without any mistake.

After the completion of assembly, the non-stop and reliability will be provided to east completed ATC before delivery.